A Finnish interlude between the two Nebbiolo harvests


Enrico Rivetto between Laura Paija and Sari Laurila from HG Launer

I took advantage of the pause between Nebbiolo harvests to fly to Helsinki for a tasting organized by my Finnish representative. Sari, Laura and I decided to offer the Dolcetto d’Alba Ercolino 2010, the Barbera d’Alba Nemes 2009, the Barolo of the municipality of Serralunga 2006 in Magnum format and the Barolo Leon 2006, garnering positive responses, especially for the Barolo wines. I was able to gather opinions (enjoy the video) about the local wine market from journalists, importers and above all from the buyers for Italy of the Alko state monopoly, which owns 345 stores throughout the national territory.

It might just be the Finnish calm and unflappability, but my perception is that the crisis has not created a disaster, that the Italy of wine is growing and that interest in the native grape varieties of our country is very strong.


Owner of the Gastone restaurant in Helsinki

Kippis to everyone!