Nebbiolo harvest 2011: the final act

Nebbiolo grapes from the Briccolina vineyard

This week we are finishing the harvest of the Nebbiolo grapes, and so concluding the 2011 harvest.  We are starting with Briccolina vineyard, then moving on to Manocino, then San Bernardo and finally Lirano. The triple-harvest that distinguishes our work philosophy has once again proven us right from the analytic perspective. We were able to keep the grapes on the vine for as long as possible, arriving at the first week of October in a harvest year that was decidedly early.

Handling the Nebbiolo grapes this way allowed them to benefit from the extraordinary September weather: sunny, dry and a little bit cool at night, even if last week it seemed to me that we were back to August weather. I will update you soon about what is happening in the winemaking facilities – it is only there that we will discover whether our efforts in the vineyards have paid off.