The sign of unhealthy vines

A classic sign of “mal dell’esca” (stripes or streaks on grape leaves)

I am taking advantage of the splendid, sunny days of this unusual early October to identify the unhealthy vines that need to be uprooted this winter. It is an excellent sport because I have to pass through all of the rows very quickly, marking the unhealthy or possibly unhealthy vines with red spray. As you can see, some of the plants are suffering from “mal dell’esca”, although luckily not very many, hit by golden flavescence and black wood.

possible golden flavescence

I say luckily because in areas of Asti and Alessandria, flavescence destroyed hectares of vineyard.

Dry bunches of grapes on the vine, suffering from “mal dell'esca”

That’s enough chatter, time to get on it: ready, set, go!