When will Spring arrive?

I always loved snow and I never envied those who live in the Carribbeans who never saw the snow or Australians, who celebrate Christmas with the sun. But this year it was really too much. Today is snowing again and it makes me a little bit worried, because if the spring comes late, as it seems for now, we will have to hurry with the work on vineyard. This year we should plant 2,5 ha of a new grapes on top of what we always do every year. The effects of the snow are quite positive for grapevines, because they should avoid the risk of a dry summer, that makes every year more worried. In general, snow has a positive effect, helping to restore the water reserves of the ground, that will be used during spring and summer times. The effects of the snow persist for longer, because it melts away slowly and the land absorbs the water gradually, without any dispersion. It is of course better than intensive rain, that tends to flow away, without being absorbed, creating also more superficial erosion.