Barolo Serralunga ’06: 16th place in the Wine Spectator Top 100

I won’t disguise my joy at receiving this major recognition; it is a pleasure to be considered the second Barolo and the third Italian wine in the world by the prestigious magazine, Wine Spectator. The satisfaction does not lie solely in the positioning, but it is proof of the fact that work pays off; the union of family and the seriousness of the “team” are fundamental and determining factors in the achievement of goals.

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This recognition is a symbol, it is a sign that we need to continue in this direction; there is still much to do and we have no lack of new projects: the Nascetta, the Spumante with a Nebbiolo base, the Barolo Briccolina, the organic conversion of the Lirano vineyards, our growth on the web and etc… I can’t wait to tell you about it all, so follow us, visit us, taste our wines, but most of all let yourselves be excited, since he who drinks wine, by now lives more than one hundred years.

The Barolo Serralunga

It is a wine of the territory and its ambassador throughout the world, with a sophistication and refinement that fully express the typicality of Serralunga d’Alba.

100% Nebbiolo. A native Piedmont grape with a late harvest period, recognized for its quality since the ancient Roman epoch. The wine obtained is characterized by extraordinary refinement, exceptional ageing capacity and strong tannin content.

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