Making decisions

It occurred to me to talk about decisions because in 2012, due to the global financial collapse, economic choices will be made that will condition our way of life in the near future.

For those of us in the business of wine production, we decide the future of our plants, we choose how to cultivate them, how to train them and respect them, sometimes taking hard but resolute stances. Good sense doesn’t necessarily have to be diplomatic and amenable to everyone, especially once the damage is done. Comparing the current crisis to a serious hailstorm, which other than destroying the year’s harvest, has injurious repercussions, even in successive years, one needs to intervene immediately with drastic measures, in order to ensure the future.

Making decisions is responsible, making decisions is sometimes unpleasant, but it is necessary. There are those who try to avoid it, or put it off, but sooner or later, decisions have to be made. From when I first officially entered the work world, I have often found myself faced with decisions that needed to be made; sometimes I have had to make drastic decisions, other times willpower has played a significant role in resolving complex situations. I have struggled through many sleepless nights, certainly not helped by my tense and anxious nature, but every time I make a decision I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and liberation. Just after however, almost like a drug, I start looking for another situation to face, resolve and overcome. Making decisions also means making mistakes and that is the part that is hardest for me to accept, but obviously it is also the aspect from which one learns the most. Sometimes decisions are made according to intuition or a sixth sense, with no rational foundation but simply because it felt right, and I have noticed that these are very often the ones that are the most spot-on.

Many other decisions will wait to be made in 2012 by the Rivetto winery, many projects are waiting to be completed and I hope that I, together with my family, will be able to contribute to the making of intelligent, respectful decisions aimed towards a more courageous future.