WE NEED GOOD EXAMPLES – Happy 2012 everyone!

Paging through the 20 December 2011 edition of La Stampa, I came across a strangely optimistic article, one that in part compensates for the down period that Italy is presently living through. The protagonists here are the statistics reported by certain Italian production zones for the second trimester of 2011, which have exceeded even Germany in terms of exports. One talks about the engineering industry in Brescia and Verona, packaging in Bologna and industrial machinery in Vicenza, one praises the leather industry in Florence and shoe-manufacturing in Arezzo, knitwear in Carpi, cookware and taps and fittings in Lumezzane, the goldsmiths of Valenza and, finally, fashion in general.

With top positions in the area of food and agriculture, the wines of Langhe-Roero-Monferrato, the confectionary industry of Alba and wine from Verona surpass all others. I think it is an amazing outcome and I am proud that our magnificent land was awarded a prize, giving credit to our small and mid-sized family businesses.

The research conducted by Banca Intesa, the organization in charge of this statistical calculation, sustains that these zones will clear the challenges of 2012 unharmed, but at the same time urges continued investment in B.R.I.C. Don’t misunderstand, Piedmont readers, this is not a reference to the bric of Langa, which in our dialect means the upper part of a hill, but is instead a reference to Brazil, Russia, India and China. :)

I believe that the future, which is to say young people, will need to have faith and this faith is guaranteed by values that are very often forgotten, one among them being the good example. The above mentioned areas of Italy are setting one, small to mid-sized businesses that with constancy and humbleness are keeping Italy on its feet, and that are, laboriously, re-launching it. Enough with the good-for-nothings, the sly ones who always get away with it: people like these must not be the protagonists of the future.

Best wishes, therefore, for a 2012 of good sense, rich in courageous individuals setting good examples for us to follow.