A winter without snow

Residue from pruning, under a veil of morning dew

The images speak for themselves: there is no snow on the Langa hills! The weather predictions for the month of January continue to ensure high pressure in Piedmont, so there will not be snowfall until at least February and the sun will reign supreme. The temperature at night is just a little below zero, whereas during the day it is around 7-8° above. The difference in temperature between the valleys and the hills is enormous; just think that this morning the thermometer in my car registered a difference of 8 degrees between the valley floor and the “bric” (“hill top” in Piedmont dialect!). On the negative side, snowfall would be good for the terrain and the roots. On the positive, we can work more easily in the fields. I have to admit that the Langhe are truly magical. Even in a snowless winter like this one, there is always some aspect or detail that makes them astoundingly fascinating.