Langhe is covered in white, 40 cm in Serralunga d’Alba!

The dry, warm winter of December and January has finally stepped aside for some healthy snowfall, which, according to the meteorologists will last for a few days. Those who work in agriculture look favourably on this atmospheric winter phenomenon, which lets the plants rest more effectively and protects new plantings from harsh weather.

If I remember correctly, the last precipitation was at least two months ago; this snowfall is therefore extremely important for creating a hydric reserve, useful for the rest of the year. The water accumulation is also helped by the characteristics of our soil, which is rich in calcareous clays.

I noted that the 40 cm of snow that fell yesterday caused the breakage of many tree branches, so, after everything has settled down, a lot of work will need to be done to remove the damaged trees.

Snow is both beautiful and useful, but very often also laborious…