Craving for the sea

I am in the car, on “Autostrada dei Fiori”, my destination  is Cannes in France for bilateral meetings with international importers. I am attracted like a magnet to the Finale Ligure exit, I have to stop here because I need  to feel the air coming from the sea, I want to walk on the beach, thinking about summer I head to Varigotti. There is no one on the beach, just a fisherman makes me a company on the wharf, I am relaxing, breathing deeply, walking and thinking about nothing, my mind is recharging. Since I was born I come to Varigotti for vacation and I must admit that also in winter this irresistible place fascinates me. The damned telephone is ringing, time to go back to car, my buddies“Zo” and “Branco” are waiting, and with them I will share the suite in Hotel Carlton in Cannes.

The atmosphere is very professional yet familiar: stylish suits, sea view, hotel staff at our complete disposal to prepare and put all back to its order before and after meetings, music in a background to complete the wine tasting. We will try to get the attention of international operators with Pignatello di Romagna (Az.Agr.Branchini), Vernaccia di  S. Gimignano (Fattoria il Palagio)… and if it’s not enough, we will tie them to the chair with the elegance of Barolo… Rivetto’s Barolo, of course!