Poland from North to South

My bottom is about to burn, the armchair seat I am sitting on is too hot, so sometimes I get up to walk a few steps to cool it down. It is not a new invention of a beauty center to get rid of cellulite, I am on a Polish train taking me from Kielce to Katowice. My trip took me throughout the whole Poland, from North to South. I started from Danzica, next is Warsaw, then Kielce and Katowice, and as last stop the amazing Krakow, where I will lead a wine tasting of my cru’s. The most annoying thing about this kind of trips is to go around the cities having always with me the wine samples, huge and delicate, sometimes I think I could make some passenger happy giving him the whole thing…NO NO, dear Enrico, the temptation is strong but every bottle could be a new possible client… pullovers, trousers or shoes, those you could give away but wine never! I always liked Poland, it is the only place in the world that makes me feel home, the people are nice, hospitable and sincere, maybe not always happy but with my mock Polish I always manage to capture some smile. The Polish language is difficult, but if you get into it you find out it’s as noble as the Polish past.

After forgetting my cell phone in a taxi in Seoul, and losing some scarfs in trains in London and yellow cabs in Philadelphia, in Warsaw I “decided” to present my wonderful cap to the taxi’s seat… the problem is that during this time of the year, there is a lot of snow and the temperature can go down from 0 to -17 instantly. The wind is killing, so imagine being without a cap. During this journey I saw again, after long time,some of the young people who started their adventure in wine producing a few years go, in times when wine in Poland wasn’t so well-known yet. They’ve done a good job, they believed in their dreams, they’ve had faith in their real passion, so all my friends from Poland… “tanto di cappello!” (Italian way of saying congratulations, which literally means “I’d give you my hat”… like the one I left in Warsaw!)

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