Barbera meeting and Barolo tasting 97-99-00-01

I agree with Franco Ziliani that on his blog vinoalvino he speaks about innovative Barbera Meeting, where the wine bloggers are the real protagonists of event.

It will be very difficult, in my opinion impossibile to think about organizing a similar event in Piemonte or  elsewhere, consciously doing without bloggers, the good ones, who write serious and magisterial things and give opinions (and they are in Italy like outside). Not inviting them to partecipate, like it happens to journalists who work with printed press and collaborate with guides, arguing that “they are only bloggers”, it is not just a nonsense, but it also shows they didn’t understand, as said Bob Dylan, that “times are changing”, and today the whole public, passionate about wine, who uses the Internet and knows how distinguish the pearls, who tend to believe more in what they write, absolutely independent of any influence, wine bloggers,who freely espresses  their ideas, tastes and dislikes, more than traditional information, often preserved and modified, coming from journals and diverse guides.

I can say it becasue I participated, thanks to the brave and organized Wellcom di Alba (the organizers and curators of th