Winter in general

Mamma mia it’s cold! There has not been an intense cold like this in the Langhe for a long time. According to the data, the last time we had winter temperatures like this was in 1985. Today in Alba, at 8.30 in the morning, the temperature was -14°C, while in the Sinio hills we did not go below -9°C. The weather predictions got it right, after three days of uninterrupted snow, the Siberian cold snap arrived in Piedmont.  Some people have asked me if the vineyards will feel its effects, and I can say with certainty that the vines will not be troubled, nestled safe under a blanket of 60 cm of snow, which acts as a thermal insulator.

400 m up, on top of the Lirano hill, Sinioo

There were some transportation-related problems, like lots of delayed deliveries and trucks that had trouble getting to the snow-covered Langhe wineries.

A small, iced-over lake, just a few metres from our offices

Now everything seems to have gone back to normal and the snow storms have given way to amazing sunshine, making our icy walks still more picturesque.

Nebbiolo vines planted in 1969