From -10° to + 20°, we are starting to tie the shoots…

The inhabitants of southern Piedmont have certainly noted the abrupt change of temperature, which in the span of a single week resulted in a thermal range of around 25 degrees. The snow that fell to the ground just a short while ago gave way to muddy puddles, the sign of what now seems like a distant memory.

Meanwhile, at Serralunga d’Alba, we have started to tie the shoots in the first row. The main goal is to give a light curve to the cane in such a way as to slow down the vegetative vigor of the plant, promoting the quality of the grape bunches to come.

Dolcetto vines at Sinio

Below, I’ve posted a couple of simple diagrams to help you better understand the processes of pruning and tying the vines, drawn from studies on the physiology of Ruggero Mazzilli’s grapevine.