Prowein 2012: an exceptional trade fair

The Fantastic 4 :)

I am back from Dusseldorf, where Prowein just came to a close. In my view this is the best European trade fair in the wine industry. Founded as a fair for German importers, over time it became the point of reference for professionals from Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Canada, with producers coming from all over the world but especially France, Germany and Italy. The stands are relatively small, the appointments concrete and fast, the visitors are generally high-calibre and the transport organization admirable.

Harri from Tallinn, Estonia

Mr Arca and Mr Tokat from Istanbul,Turkey

Marek and Martin from Prague, Czech Rep.

I did not see many people from Asia this year, but it must be said that the number of events organized in the Far East, oftentimes useless, is very high, and so dispersion is inevitable. I had the pleasure of presenting the Barolo Serralunga 2008 at Prowein, a class vintage, of excellent complexity and with a pleasing tannin, but still needing to mature. I am certain that it will give those who enjoy it a unique experience. To make the tastings more interesting, I decided to also offer a few older Barolos, like Barolo Leon 2000, a wine that can’t help but leave an impression.


Mikeal from Malmoe, Sweden

The Barolo Leon 2000 tasting for Michel from Belgium


As always, we participated as a group, making it possible for visitors to taste amazing wines from various Italian regions in just a few square metres: from Piedmont, the refinement of the Barbaresco from Rizzi, from Lombardy, the sparkling Bonarda from Quaquarini, from Emilia Romagna the fruity Sangiovese from Branchini, from Alto Adige, the extremely elegant Pinot Noir from Castelfeder, from Tuscany, the great price-quality ratio of the Chianti Tenuta il Palagio, from Sicily, the warm and welcoming Nero d’Avola from Gorghi Tondi and finally, dreams can become reality with the great, exceedingly rare wines selected by Vinifera.


Rita from Santa Vittoria d'Alba

Silvana from Montreal Canada

If the situation in Italy is still economically critical, I can say that the world abroad is smiling upon us and this is positive for Italian wine businesses. It was seen in the steady flow to the Italian stand at the trade fair, and I am convinced that this trend will continue. We need to be ready to seize all of the opportunities that it presents to us.