Vina Studija

Simplicity and elegance in a friendly atmosphere is not easy to find in the world of wine, I like a lot the concept behind Vina Studja in Riga, in cold Latvia. Winebar, cellar and  and lessons with sommelier, in just a bit less than 100 square metres. I’m in a city with both Russian and Latvian populations, and with different peculiarities and cultures, both represented in Vina Studija, to enjoy, appreciate and understand wine. The concept works well, in summer they will open another similar place in Riga, while in Ljiepaja, a town close to the sea, another one has been open for about a couple of months. There in cellars in Riga, I am leading a wine tastine of 5 of my wines, for managers and owners of restaurants and hotels. We opened the “Langhe Bianco 2008”, the “Dolcetto d’Alba Ercolino 2008”, the “Barolo Serralunga 2005”, the “Moscato Vittoria 2009”, but the best vibes are for the elegant but powerful and rich “Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando 2007”. During the wine tasting, my attention goes to the other room: the wine bar is full of young couples25-45 years old, sipping their glass of wine with a little appetizer. In the cellar, the elegant ladies are choosing the bottles they want to buy, assisted by professionals. The atmosphere is amazing, whenever I enter Vina Studija, I always feel good. I would be there all day long, maybe enjoying one of Rivetto’s “Dolcetto”, what do you think?