Claryfing with bentonite gelatine

For those who never heard about it, the word “bentonite gelatine” may sound a lot like “kryptonite”, but of course that’s not it. What bentonite gel eliminates, or better lowers are proteins. To reach the protein stability in wine, which means making all those substances in suspension fall before bottling it, the wine should be  put through a process of “clarifying”. Two of the most used ingredients are egg white and bentonite gel. In the last post we focused on egg white, that has a pretty good way of removing tannins, and today we focus on bentonite gelatine more. It is a clay, and it makes proteins in wine lower, which means removing all those invisible substances suspended in the wine, that with time could coagulate inside the bottle, causing organoleptic problems. The bentonite gelatine is added in quantities going between 4 – 7 g/hl of wine, let it rise in water for about 4 hours in water for about 4 hours, after which this solution is blended and homogenized with the mass of wine be treated. Usually the egg white and bentonite gelatine are mixed at the same time to make the process more effective. After one week the two purifying agents settle down, dragging with themselves all the impurities of the the wine, which gets separated from the sediment, ready to be bottled. This way even Superman can safely taste our wines.