Time to disbud

25 April 2012: From today, the temperature will change dramatically. Up until now, the lows have stayed consistently under 10°C, but the African anticyclone is headed toward our peninsula, with a predicted average increase of 12-13°C.  From tomorrow, therefore, every rainfall will bring the possibility of fungal infestation and so it will be necessary to be extremely vigilant.

Nebbiolo vine to disbud

Disbudded Nebbiolo vine

Meanwhile, the vines are growing and last week we started disbudding, which means removing the leaves and superfluous buds. There is obviously a logic underpinning this work, which will allow us to work less and better this summer. I think that the two photos above explain it very well. We eliminate the buds on the trunk of the adult vines up to the curve of the shoot and then the ones that are farthest away, selecting the four or five in the centre. These last will benefit from the lymphatic slow-down, producing small, concentrated bunches of grapes. This will also help us to avoid the bundling up of branches and leaves in the summer.

Barbera Zio Nando buds, with the Castle of Serralunga and a barley planting in the background

In the meantime, the barley, oats, and squarrose clover planted in the fall in alternating rows are growing, but this is a different story, which I will tell you about later, so keep following the Rivetto blog – the season is coming alive!

Barley and clover planted in alternating rows in the new Barbera vineyard in Lirano a Sinio