Keep an eye on those two

Rivetto 64-78-85-94-99 Cordero 58-77-82-92-99 10 vintages, 10 Barolos, 10 fragments of our histories, for a peerless vertical tasting. Alberto Cordero and I, on the occasion of Nebbiolo Prima, wanted to offer buyers and journalists (30 total, coming from all over the world) what that they themselves described as a unique experience.

Serralunga d’Alba against La Morra? Rivetto against Cordero? I will stop you there before getting to “bachelors against married men”… there was none of that! The double vertical tasting was a way of sharing fifty years of terroir history, fifty years in the lives of producer families that share the wine tradition in common. I will not deny the emotion of opening and commenting on vintages that represent the history of our area. I admit that it was hard to talk about vintages that I did not personally experience, which were all of them except for 1999, but I hope I was successful in communicating the thoughts of those who came before me. I was absolutely stunned by the Cordero 1992, an extremely difficult year, but still fresh and appreciable, and the Rivetto 1978, an extraordinary year to which I have a special connection, since it was also my birth year.

It was a window onto the hills that frame the castle of Castiglione Falletto and that of Serralunga d’Alba a little further on. There was an almost religious silence, an almost palpable respect for the event taking place. The magnificent tasting room made available by the Cordero family helped to immerse our guests in the Langa atmosphere, and was perfect for a unique and unforgettable tasting.