The grape bunches are taking shape

Bunch of Dolcetto grapes on the vine

Mamma mia, June has been demanding! I have not been able to update the blog for two weeks now and I ask your forgiveness – this spring/early summer has been especially complicated in terms of wine production. In my last post I was cautiously optimistic about the weather outlook, but I have to admit that it didn’t turn out as expected. Intermittent rains came almost one right after the after, and so it was inevitable for grape mildew to make an appearance as well. Everything under control, disease defeated and then a few days later back came the alarm. As with every June, there was a staggering mass of work to do in the fields and the unstable weather conditions were no help at all.



Grape mildew attack defeated after copper treatment

The grain planted between the rows of grapevines will guarantee that the ground stays cool and damp during the torrid months of July and August

Now the high pressure and torrid heat are in command, so everything is more peaceful and the situation is returning to normal. The beginning of the 2012 season was anything but easy, but nevertheless I remain timidly optimistic.

Planting of grass between the rows