In Italy we drink more and more Italian wine, but who pays for it?

This morning, I needed some pill for my headache: it is the first natural reaction after coming back from Vinitaly, where I spent 2 days. I’ve been participating for over 10 years, and every year it is always the same story: traffic, stress, missed appointment, tiring lines at entering or exiting from the city, waiting for hours at every restaurant, and Sunday and Monday becomes absolutely unuseful. And like every year, the newspapers give a lot of space to to the triumph of this event, and the analysis on the wine market fades away. In Italy, people drink less imported wine, they always drink more italian wine, Italian grapevine are appreciated, the word “wine” takes one important part in the budget of our country, but nobody speaks about the actual problem wine producers have in Italy, that they face every day: payments. Here in Italy it is difficult to be paid by restaurants before 180 days… in some countries, such practices are unlawful and those who brake this rule are written on a special black list available to the public. Restaurant owners are protected by the law which doesn’t punish those who don’t pay, and nobody would sue for such little sums, the lawyer would cost than the total value. But now, we’re in time of crisis, which is the perfect reason for people to pay even later. Obviously I do not lump things together, but the problem exists and affects all companies operating in Italy. Next time you go to a restaurant, eat and drink as much as you can and later when they present you with the bill answer: “Just be patient, the crisis is here but don’t worry. I will come back in few month to pay all debts…”