The ABCs of Nascetta

What if the person talking about Nascetta is not a producer but rather someone who doesn’t know anything, who fell in love with it and wants to share it with others? This is the case with Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine  from New York, who decided she wanted to learn more about this increasingly less-unknown native Langa grape variety, and to do so interviewed some producers. “What in the World is Nascetta?” is the result of her research, published on her site.

Here is how Christy’s post starts out:

Just after the New Year, I discovered via Twitter a blog post on the Rivetto web site. It centered on a white grape variety named Nascetta. Despite all my time working with and writing about Italian wine, I’d never heard of it. I set off straight away to remedy that. A few tweets later, I made contact with Enrico Rivetto… click here to read more!