Are you sure you want to grow a new vineyard?

You thought of planting a new vineyard? Here’s the deal:

  • Buy the land, which is not exactly cheap, at lest in the Langhe region. To make it simple, let’s say that that you own it already. One hectar is 10.000 square meters, which is 58 soccer fields. At full regime, you could produce about 7.000 bottles, but if you want to keep the quality high, 4500. The land could be not cultivated, with trees, or even already with a vineyard, usually in pretty bad conditions
  • So here you are, you have to make the land ready: you cut whatever is on it and take it all away (or even better, in the best countrymen traditions, you light up a fire). To do this, you need 3 men + a tractor. Approx. cost: 4.000 €
  • You have to make the land flat and ready for the vineyards, with a Caterpillar (or actually at least 2), which means 4 to 6 days of work, depending on how hard it is. Furthermore, you have to dig in water drainages (tubes with holes), covered with gravel to make it easy for the water to flow. Obviously, you add abundant seasoned mountain manure. Approx. cost: 13.000 €
  • You let the land at least one winter under the snow (hoping it will snow!), so that frosting and de