Will we do it in Langa, too?

I just received an email full of satisfaction and pride from the spevis experimental centre, which said the following:

it is with great satisfaction that the experimental centre for sustainable viticulture announces that last Thursday the municipal council of Greve in Chianti decided on the foundation of a territorial biodistrict (the entire municipal surface of Greve), containing the wine growing and producing district of Panzano in Chianti, the first in Europe and probably in the world.
For spevis and for all wine growers this is an extremely important development, which will serve as an example and stimulus for creating other biodistricts in areas with a high level of wine growing and producing. Ruggero Mazzilli

What a great step forward for the territory! And who knows if we in Langa will be able to make such a step? In the hills between Sinio and Serralunga d’Alba it began a year and a half ago, obviously we are neither the first nor the only, but the producers who talk about a more intelligent approach to wine viticulture are still too few. I believe that we all need to be more sensitive to an approach to viticulture that is more naturally respectful, understanding that this, too, is part of that at times difficult to explain concept of quality.