August 2012: intense heat moved up the harvest date …

Barbera Zio Nando vineyard

The 2012 harvest is shaping up to be similar to that of 2011, with a hot, dry August that moved up the harvest date, at least for the more precocious varieties. Spring and early summer were characterised by irregular and seesaw weather. This created a predictable difference in maturation between one vineyard and the next and in some cases even between individual vines.

Dolcetto vineyard with western exposure

At the end of July I thought it would be a more “normal” year with a harvest date set for the Dolcetto in mid-September. But now, after an extremely hot month without rain, I need to correct my prediction; we will in fact be starting the harvest earlier. The final sampling and chemical analysis for the Dolcetto was scheduled for around 22 August, providing a more precise idea of how the maturation process is going. Follow this blog to stay updated on the 2012 harvest which, once again, is just around the corner.

3-year-old Barbera vineyard after rigorous selection

In the photos you can see what my Barbera and Dolcetto vines looked like in late August. The new Dolcetto vineyard underwent an intense selection process which, given its young age, would not have brought all of its fruit to full maturation.

Barbera bunch: the perfect size for the quality we are after