Nascetta: your moment has arrived!

Grappoli di Nascetta esposti a nord nel comune di Sinio

Nascetta bunches with northern exposure in the municipality of Sinio

A week of posting silence is unusual for me at this time of year, but it was due to the intense work of assessing and monitoring our vineyards. We are getting to the heart of the 2012 harvest and the interpretation of the data at hand, together with the weather predictions, are fundamental for deciding on the best moment for harvesting. I admit that my hurry to harvest at the end of August has been rightfully subdued, after unstable weather conditions in the first five days of September, marked by cold, clouds and rain, which inevitably slowed maturation.

Today it’s the white Nascetta grape’s turn: the most mature bunches, equal to 30% of the total, were already harvested last week and left in the refrigerator space while waiting for the others, which will be harvested today. We are very satisfied with the cold maceration and it is due to this that the must will remain in contact with the skins for a good 40 hours at between 8-10°C. The yield of the pressing does not exceed 55 % and this is an indicator of how we want to process only the best part of the must. Our goal is to draw complexity and refinement from this mysterious but intriguing grape variety. Time will show us to be right, but maximum attention must be paid to preserving the freshness of the grapes!

Meanwhile, the grape harvest continues, the temperature lows lower and the cool wind is blowing the clouds away, leaving us with stupendous days and inevitably winking at the most important and late grape variety: king Nebbiolo