You’re up, Dolcetto!

That the Dolcetto grape is sensitive, this was known. But that it is also such a tease … this was new to me :)

This harvest year, with its truly seesaw weather, has caught me by surprise several times. The Dolcetto had darkened at the end of July, which made me predict a classic harvest with slower, less brutal maturation, but then the scalding August made me quickly change my mind, so much so that at the end of August I was almost certain we would begin the harvest the first days of September.

To the eye and organoleptically the grapes seemed truly mature to me, but chemical analysis leaves no room for doubt: acidity too high and sugars too low, what to do? Wait, of course … now it’s 19 September and all of the Dolcetto grapes here in Lirano will be harvested. It seems like we have gone back in time to 2004 – that was the last time I harvested this Langa grape variety so late.