A mid-September grape tasting


One morning in the middle of September, I went to Caselle to lead a training session for SAGAT staff at the airport wine shop/delicatessen, organised by the manager, Ms. Chiara Manzo. A few days before, I was told that, as per internal business regulation, the employees would not be able to consume alcohol, but how could I explain my wines if I can’t have them taste them? Simple, we’d have a grape tasting … Take a look at the video and discover the difference between the sparse and almost mature Dolcetto bunch, the aromatic Nascetta, the tannic and bloom-rich Nebbiolo and the Barbera with the oval-shaped, slightly acidic grape. It was a truly original tasting; if ever you have the chance to try it, do: it’s an alternative way to feel even more a part of this stupendous world.