Nebbiolo: the importance of the second harvest

Nebbiolo grapes at San Bernardo in Serralunga d’Alba -BEFORE

Nebbiolo grapes at San Bernardo in Serralunga d’Alba-AFTER

At the end of September we concluded this year’s second harvest of the Nebbiolo grapes, consisting in the gathering of the biggest bunches, the ones farthest from the stump and the ones that appear least mature. What gets left, therefore, is only the best. With this late selection we are supporting the nature of the Nebbiolo grape, which prefers to remain on the plant for as long as possible. From the grapes that remain we are expecting a phenolic maturation as close to perfection as it gets. The 2012 Nebbiolo harvest might turn out to be truly memorable, but we have to wait for autumn, bringing temperatures pleasing to our noble Langa grape.