With the French in the centre of Prague

On 16 and 17 October, I participated in a tasting organised by our representative in the Czech Republic, Martin Kozak, owner of Kupmeto CZ.

Enrico and Martin

I was the only non-French invited and, unlike what one might imagine, I was completely at ease, the export managers and wine house owners Nicolas Bauget and Alix D’Espagné from Champagne, Oliver Campos from Côte du Rhône and Victorine Babé from Languedoc showed themselves to be truly professional and friendly.

On these rare occasions I become acutely aware of the power of Barolo, respected and admired even by our fiercest competitors.

Even the wine producers drank beer…

The Czech market is small and concentrated primarily in Prague, but the quality of the tasters and wine lovers, especially among the younger generations, is increasing. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of truly passionate people, fascinated by Italian wines and the nobility of the aromas of the king of wines: Barolo.

Na shledanou Praga!