International Journalism Festival in Perugia: I was there "virtually"

Well, I was there… or better, this blog was there! Digital Natives presented my winery’s blog to the international audience in Perugia, as an example of wine marketing best practice. Wine producers with blogs in Italy are really few, I think you could count them on one hand; I believe it’s a good way to bring the consumer closer to the complicated world of wine, making it easier for them to understand what lays behind and inside the glass. Wine is Love by Francesco Zonin and Poggio Argentiera‘s blog by Paolo Paglia were also presented in Perugia: both of them are taking this adventure quite seriously, as well.

For me, my blog is a tool that makes wine personal and unique; it’s the latest technological innovation that makes it easier to identify the wine with its producer. It requires a lot of time, a big effort and a great personal involvement, especially to understand that some things that seem obvious to me, could be of great interest to those who are not producers.

In the world of wine there is a lot of discussion about smells, aromas, combinations with food, points, but very little about the choices, the doubts, the costs that you have to undertake to obtain quality. I thus believe it is important to show practically what it really means to produce wine. Follow me, then, in the intriguing world of Rivetto wines!