2012 : The harvest of perfumes

The 2012 harvest, difficult to read up to the moment the grapes were gathered, will be remembered as the harvest of perfumes and flavours, characterised by a 30% lower quantitative yield. The temperature oscillated, but without reaching excessive extremes, leading to an autonomous phenolic maturation of the grapes, which surprised and caught us off guard, independent of the development of  sugars and acidity. This year will prize the patience of those who knew to wait before harvesting, especially the Barbera grapes..

I am convinced that the Nebbiolo will be tremendously satisfying,: the maturation of the skins was truly optimal and picking the last bunch on 19 October let us benefit from that splendid month. If we do well in the winery, we will be able to aspire to producing a Barolo that might be recognised as a 5 star vintage.