Preview of Barolo Briccolina 2007 at Vinitaly Moscow

I was in Moscow for only three days, but that was enough for me to understand the Russians’ enthusiasm for Italian wine. Vinitaly Moscow was held in the luxurious Ritz Carlton, four steps from Red Square. Rivetto and its wines were part of the team of producers lined up by our representative in Russia, L-wines.

During the two-day event, seminars were held by the Russian journalist Eleonora Scholes, introducing a specialised audience to the main Italian wines. I had the honour of presenting the Langhe Nascetta 2010 during the session on minor local grape varieties, and the Barolo Serralunga 2007 and the Barolo Leon Riserva 2006 in the category of Nebbiolo wines.

Andrey Ushakov, manager of L-Wines

Vinitaly Russia was especially significant for me because for the first time I had the pleasure of introducing a new wine to the public, the 2007 Barolo Briccolina. This Barolo underwent a long period of maceration and comes from a zone highly suited to the cultivation of Nebbiolo grapes, in the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba.

In posts to come, I will talk more about this new Barolo, which will represent the highest end of our range of wines, so follow me to find out more about this special wine: mysterious and fascinating, just like the city I just visited: Moscow.

My short but intense trip showed me that Russia is a perfect market for upmarket wines like Barolo, and so, to my Russian friends … пока!!