The search for satisfaction. Happy 2013

Money is not, is absolutely not, everything: this may be rhetorical and obvious but it’s true. I have never thought about money so much as I have this year, and I’m sick of it. It would be disingenuous of me to say that money is not important, it’s important and then some, but I am not a greedy type. The money card is a tool for getting results, for building, for creating, for moving forward projects that set the pace for a whole generation. If you have too little money, ideas are dreams; if you have too much, dreams become too real and lose their intensity. The middle road is to sweat, grow and respect work and effort with humbleness. From this comes the satisfaction that helps one to be aware of one’s choices and of the road travelled and still to come.

I have diverged a bit from the real topic of this post, because the idea was to tell you what satisfaction is for me, but I will get there, don’t worry. :)

Satisfaction is seeing tourists who have come to visit the winery sitting at sunset before the Castle of Serralunga d’Alba, holding a book in one hand and a glass of Barolo in the other. Satisfaction is touching the rough surface of a case of Briccolina, which brings back memories of the grape harvest, carrying me back to the taste of the perfect soft aggression of the tannins in the skin of the Nebbiolo grape. Although sometimes one hates it, receiving recognition of merit in the press is satisfaction. Satisfaction is trial and growth, satisfaction does not have to be shared by everyone. Sometimes I feel satisfied, but only temporarily, because then I realise that something is always missing that prevents total satisfaction and this is what pushes me to improve. Producing a local wine in step with the times is the goal of my business activity; I am crossing my fingers and wishing you and myself all the best for a smart and responsible 2013.