And how should I prune this?

The pruning season has begun, the cold weather has arrived and the vines have begun their long period of sleep. The pruning, which will determine the future direction of every single plant, is about to begin, and each plant will be pruned in a different way according to its particular situation.

Earlier this month, we purchased an old Nebbiolo Barolo vineyard in San Bernardo in Serralunga d’Alba. The former owner left the vines in less than ideal conditions; the old way of thinking was to produce quantity not quality, so the vine shoots are really long and there are a lot of bunches on each plant. Our task over the next few years will be to bring the vineyard to a balanced state in keeping with our philosophy of wine growing. It won’t be easy, but we will try… One of the plants that really caught my eye is the one you can see in the photo below, taken to the extreme, it’s almost a work of art :)