Four hidden treasures, after China

In on 8 January, a list of countires was given that, according to a Rabobank study, are on the brink of emerging in the area of global wine sales. Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Nigeria were listed after gargantuan China. Lots is said about China, which is by now a given that is becoming increasingly important, and the numbers in the area of export growth are just getting started.

Brazil is another emerging economic power which should be a focus, having an ethic/culinary culture very similar to Italy. Despite the protectionist boycotts of the Mercosur wine producers, Italy increased wine sales by 30% between 2007 and 2011. Mexico is not a market that I know personally, becase I do not sell there yet, but its potential is beyond debate. Its political ties with the US ensure the stability of its government and the numbers speak loud and clear: consumption of Italian wine doubled between 2000 and 2010; we should also keep in mind its population of 112 million. Poland is smaller than the others in terms of size; by now it has an established middle class and a more mature wine market. Its consumption increase is growing slowly but surely. As for Nigeria, I have some doubts; it’s true that the subsoil is rich in raw materials, but I have doubts about its political stability.

Africa will be the new frontier, but I see Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Namibia as more likely. The dark continent will certainly be interesting in the future; it is enough to think of that fact that some large Portuguese businesses have no fewer than five sales managers for Africa. The number one problem is and will be the security and stability of the individual governments.

In my view, other small markets that will become distinguished for their appreciation of Italian wine will be Colombia, Vietnam and Turkey.

At this point, I think it’s fitting to say: have a great trip everyone! :)