1 March 2013 Ampelion di Alba: I hope you were able to go

Unfortunately, for work reasons I couldn’t go, but I hope some of you were able to, at least to have had the chance to hear Ruggero Mazzilli. I think that the direction that he has laid out is the only one possible from the perspective of responsibility in wine production. The conference was held in Alba on 1 March 2013 at the Ampelion on Corso Enotria.

Here, I would like to share some of the most striking ideas presented by Ruggero in his work “Appunti del vignaiolo naturale” (Notes from a natural vigneron):

The territory is not private property and nor it is a static, closed entity. One can help or harm the territory: harm can be caused by individuals or the many; help can be given only by everyone working together.

Until a few years ago, it was not illegal to smoke in public places. At the time it seemed normal or at least one did not complain since, although knowing the dangers of smoke from cigarettes, one did not perceive the need to protect oneself from it. Today this is unthinkable, since by now everyone knows that cigarette smoke harms both the smoker and others. The Biodistretto (eco-zone) is a tool for raising awareness that chemicals kill and that organic farming works. Major stimulus must come from the local non-farming population.

Today, more than 75% of the vineyards in Panzano in Chianti are cultivated without poisons, and even traditional businesses are now moving toward the organic model, trying it out in a designated section of their vineyards.

Barolo and Barbaresco zone: what are we waiting for? Quality is also responsibility; let’s make it mandatory.

To find out more : http://www.spevis.it/