2006 vs 2007 the opposites

Lately, I find myself needing to explain the difference between these two Barolo vintages, which are so different from one another and yet representative of the same terroir. It is fantastic to be able to taste two wines that come from the same soil and that were produced using similar methods but that nevertheless have opposite characters. The 2006 is classic, harvested in mid/late October, it is the result of a cool year, its tannins have enormous potential and it is recommended for long ageing, expressing itself after 10 years. The 2007 is hot, it was harvested 20 days early, it has mature, soft, almost fruity tannins, is in some ways atypical and is extraordinarily pleasing.

Two wines that represent the power of vintage, emphasised so clearly in these two Leon Riserva Barolos. They have both undergone three and a half years of ageing in Slovenian and French oak barrels, which we have selected because in our view they demonstrate greater ageing potential.

The video was filmed during Prowein Düsseldorf 2013 together with Mr Kemnitz, an importer from Hamburg.