Water stagnation in the Dolcetto vineyards in Sinio

We are exhausted. The month of March was the rainiest in 60 years and the first four months of the year were the rainiest in the last 40. The weather predictions are not giving us a moment’s peace, mud reigns supreme all over the Langhe and the soil is so saturated that it simply cannot absorb any more water. One morning in mid-May I was able to take a tour of my vineyards and I discovered a few micro-landslides in some of the new vineyards. What Langa wine producers are worried about is that it will be impossible to work in the vineyards and treat the plants. The temperatures  remain cool and there have not been too many grape mildew attacks – yet, but we can expect a phytosanitarily difficult year. We will enter the vineyards the moment it becomes possible and I intend to treat them manually; we cannot wait.

Walking along the access paths

The barley in the Briccolina vineyard is growing fast and helping to drain the water from the intense rains

A micro-landslide in the new Nebbiolo vineyard