The eyes of the new Langa

A few weeks ago, these eyes brightened my day, they were smiling and enthusiastic. They came from far away, from Macedonia, in search of a better future, but the agricultural setting remained the same: the vineyard.

Dragi has been working at Rivetto for seven years by now. He has the gift of loving a job well done and like the farmers of the past is pleased to see the fruits of his labour at the end of the day.

Dragi works in the vineyard every day and I noted a change since our system of working in the vineyards shifted from stupid conventional to intelligent organic, I perceived a shy sense of approval and happiness at seeing the work become more natural and conceptually simpler. I can see in his eyes that this approach to the vineyard is closer to his old-fashioned but more respectful Macedonia, than to the rich and insensitive Barolo zone.

This post is dedicated to Bozijnov Dragi, in hope of speedy recovery. We are waiting for you!