A come-back from the past: Barolo 2006 “Serralunga”

What a good year was 2006, for Nebbiolo! It has been a while since we didn’t have such an attractive nebbiolo. Nebbiolo loves sun and cool vintages, too much hot, in fact, anticipates the ripening, penalizing the sharpness. The sensation is that the tannin still has to evolve; compared to the 2005 it will be a more complex Barolo and will give its best in 4-5 years.

This is the classic “Riserva” vintage: I am convinced that a 5 years aging can help this Barolo to express its best. The vineyards from which Barolo Serralunga 2006 Rivetto are Manoncino, Serra, San Bernardo e Lazzarito, in the Serralunga d’Alba territory, where the soil’s main characteristic is calcareous marls.  This geological composition will contribute, no doubts, to the aging potential of this vintage. In making the wine we let the skins and the most macerating for two days, to better preserve the aromas, managing later the fermentation at a controlled temperature of 28-30 degrees. We let it age for 30 months in Slavonia oak barrels of 3000 liters, 4 years old.

In the third week of may, journalists from all over the world will come to the Alba region to taste 2006 vintages of Barolo, during the “Nebbiolo Prima” event. I am a little worried because this vintage might not be understood like it should be, it won’t be a vintage that will express itself immediately. And you, what do you think? Taste it and let us know!