In the vineyard, satisfied up to now


Hot, hot, hot, these were the words running through my mind one morning in mid-July during my usual tour of the business with the agronomist/consultant Ruggero Mazzilli. I would say that I found the tour very satisfying. Despite the extremely difficult spring and frequent fungal attacks, we were able to completely avoid the onset of grape mildew as well as the feared odium. And so those who were expecting disastrous results for businesses that, like me, decided to work in the vineyards in a more logical and environmentally respectful way will be disillusioned by this post.


I can firmly attest that this year timely action was fundamental, permitting us to prevent potential problems.


Now the biggest task at hand will be the pruning of the Barbera grape vines. The plants are really loaded with fruit; when they darken we will get to work thinning them out so that they can mature in the best way possible.

liranoWith these temperatures, the possibility of hail is a real threat, but we will arm ourselves with talismans and exotic dances :)) or perhaps we will just touch wood and other lucky things …