Finally, Nascetta



I need to say it with a sigh of relief, finally Nascetta! Because the 2011 was finished a few months ago and a lot of orders were waiting to close, awaiting the Langhe Nascetta 2012. We have produced 6,800 bottles and 20 Magnums, the 2012 attests to and consolidates the long road undertaken to best interpret this stupendous native Langa grape variety.




Northern exposure and cold maceration are producing increasingly convincing results, but we still have a lot to discover and explore, to see this white wine among the top Italian whites.


Drinking the Langhe Nascetta 2012 this summer will certainly be a pleasure, but remember that it will be even better next summer. We mustn’t forget that the maximum potential of this wine will be expressed over time. The aromatic complexities evolve and mature over the years, providing experiences similar to Riesling. Let’s be patient … it will be rewarded.