Hail in the Briccolina vineyard

Here are a few photos of damage caused by hail falling on the Nebbiolo
grapes and leaves during a storm at the end of August, in the Serralunga
Briccolina cru. It is really a shame.

IMG_4717 IMG_4726 IMG_4721 IMG_4713 IMG_4722

What can be done in a case like this?

1) Treat with bentonite, in order to speed up to healing of the damage 2) Strengthen the leaves with calcium-based substances 3) Hope that it does not rain for 7-10 days, avoiding the development of botrytis breeding grounds.

It is especially upsetting because when hail falls so close to the harvest, it causes irreversible damage and it always happens in the best vineyards.

As you can see, it is not always good news that comes out of Langhe.