Today, Barbera Grapes!

BArbera 3[The following post was originally published in Italian on 11 October 2013] Wow, what a day! Today’s Barbera harvest was accompanied by stunning weather, clear skies and gorgeous colours. You should really come to Langa to see it.

Barbera 1The Barbera grapes in the Zio Nando and Loirano Soprano vineyards are healthy, with thick skins and excellent extractive potential.

Barbera 4It was a muddy and strenuous harvest, but on a day like today, working in the open air is a pleasure, thanks to the beautiful colours of a Langa that is emotionally moving even for those who live here.

Barbera 5Next week, we will assess the Nebbiolo grapes, we might harvest a vineyard or two … the cool weather has begun to arrive, autumn is around the corner and the king of wines can’t wait….

Barbera 2