Strangely Briccolina

Schermata 2013-10-18 a 17.15.13

Briccolina is the Barolo Nebbiolo vineyard that I have always held off harvesting, always taking the risk of waiting since I know its potential, so much so that in 2010 we harvested it on 30 October…

foto 3

Not this year, though. Working together, the hail, which sped up maturation, perfect analytic data and imminent rain conspired to make 20 October the day to bring the grapes in.

foto 5

Aesthetically, after the August hail storms, the vineyard was not looking its best, but viticulture and nature are not mathematics and the polyphenolic analyses of the skin were surprising The potential is there, this year’s harvest has the characteristics of the classic vintages of the past, so now we will do everything we can to not make mistakes in the winery.

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