The 2013 grape harvest: September magic

I liked the 2013 harvest because it was emotionally intense. A cold, humid spring and a mild summer pointed to a bad year, but September turned everything around: it was a month I would call climatically perfect. This year’s harvest was concentrated in the month of October, something that has not happened for a long time. I think of it as an old-style year, where the skill of the producer will be of greater importance. As ever, we tried to achieve maximum polyphenolic maturation. I am especially hoping that the risks we have taken with the Nebbiolo will bear fruit in a few months, when the wine is ready.

IMG_5410 copia

2013 has shown me the advantages and disadvantages of some of my vineyards and also tested some of my beliefs and choices. It is too soon to judge the vintage, but I believe that Nebbiolo loves difficulty and this is a classic year, reminding us what the difference is between a regular grape variety and a noble one.

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