Wine growing

A sx acino di nebbiolo Rivetto a dx acino di nebbiolo del vicino

At left, a Nebbiolo grape from the Rivetto
vineyards: the small size is an indicator of quality. At right, a ‘body builder’ grape from my neighbour’s vineyard


Foglie di nebbiolo a confronto a fine ottobre

Nebbiolo grape leaves compared in early
November: at left, Rivetto leaves. At right, hyper-fertilisation makes the leaves stay extremely green.


A sx grappolo nebbiolo "dopato" a dx grappolo nebbiolo per produrre vino

At right, Nebbiolo grapes where the goal is to
produce a quality wine. At right, an example of wine growing where the aim is vigour.


Come si presentano due vigneti adiacenti il 24-10-2013. A sx Nebbiolo Rivetto

The two adjacent vineyards on 24 October
2013.  At left, Rivetto Nebbiolo grapes.