Happy 2014 and a bio-proposal for the future


I am aware that producing Barolo is an honour, but also that it is a responsibility, traveling the world and seeing how much we are envied for being in the right place to cultivate the Nebbiolo grape.  We are unquestionably leaders in Italy and worldwide, but I would also like us to be so in the area of good ideas. This post is addressed to all of the producers in Langa and Roero, but especially the organisation that represents us, the Consorzio di Tutela. The bar of responsibility in terms of eco-sustainability needs to be raised and it is up to us to set a good example. By this point, it is clear that everyone will be becoming more focused on sustainability, organic production, biodynamics and etc. … and we will be working the vineyards in a way that creates less pollution. The multinationals have poisoned us and now they want to tell us how to detoxify.

My proposal is to obligate all those who cultivate Nebbiolo for producing Barolo to become organic producers. This would be a way of speeding things up, seizing an opportunity, establishing Italian leadership and justifying a higher price. Think of the global impact: the first Italian DOCG to be 100% sustainable, Barolo equals organic, quality equals responsibility, etc., etc.

What do you think?

Instead of just wishing for a Happy 2014, I would also like to wish for more responsibility for everyone, starting from the small scale, since indifference and an inability to act are suffocating us.