Last day at Nebbiolo Prima

Today is the last day of Nebbiolo prima, and I’m happy that most of the chats with journalists from all over the world had as a common point the beauty of the 2006 vintage, the complexity, the richness, the fragrancy of it.

My brother partecipated to the tasting in the Barolo Castle, where buyers and journalists appreciated the complex tannins of Barolo Serralunga and Barolo Monforte. In the tasint, we had Langhe Bianco Matiré 2009, the Barbera Lirano Soprano 2006 and Barolo Serralunga 2006. The tasting table was shared with Mrs. Vezza and daughter from the producer Saffirio.

Meanwhile I was at the Conte Rosso restaurant in Alba dining with Austrian journalist and blogger Helmut Knall, who appreciated the softness of Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando 2007 . His experience in tasting white Austrian wines that helped him comparing nascetta to gruner veltliner.

Enrico Rivetto, Massimo Salsano, Helmut Knall

In the afternoon, I had the pleasure to host the biggest expert in Italian wines of Spain, Juancho Asenjo, and the on-line journalist Micheal Franz who came directly from Washington DC. We tasted a few older vintages where, as usual, the Barolo 1999 was the winner, characterized by a very elegant tannin, with an exceptiona structure and freshness of aromas.

Micheal, Enrico, Juancho

I would like to thank the journalists who came to our extraordinary territory, trying to understand it at its best. I hope your pen will follow the emotions that the nebbiolo grapevine gave you those days. A toast to nebbiolo, one of the most prestigious grapevines!